Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Options to get cheap flight tickets

The price of airline tickets is always a concern, when it comes to going on a trip. People compromise on going to their favorite holiday spot, just because they cannot afford to pay big for the flight tickets. Well, if you know to play your cards, you can get cheap tickets to make your trip economical and enjoyable. There is one well-known fact about airline tickets: the earlier you book your tickets the more are the chances of you getting them cheaply. So, plan your trip at least 3 months in advance and start your spadework to find cheap deals. Well, you should be very sure about the travel date when you book the tickets in advance because in case you cancel the tickets later on, you would have to bare the losses. Airline companies charge cancellation fees. There is not a single sure shot way to get the tickets at cheap rates; you have to try all the ways possible to get the tickets at low rates. Here are a few tips for you. Check all the available options You can buy tickets directly from the airline companies or from a travel agent. Sometimes, you find airline tickets at cheap rates on the websites of airline companies and sometimes, travel agencies sell tickets at a rate cheaper than what airline companies charge. So, you have to keep a close check on the web portals of popular travel agencies and airline companies to see who offers the best deal. It's a good idea to subscribe for the e-mail updates on flight tickets to stay aware of the variations in ticket prices. Moreover, when you hunt for airline tickets do not only for look tickets to the main airports. The ticket price to the main airports would always be high. So, also look for tickets to less popular airports from where you can easily get local transportation to your destination. This way you can save a lot of money. When to check for the deals? According to travel experts, the airline companies update their flight ticket prices on Monday at midnight. The consolidators and travel agencies book as many flight tickets they want on Tuesday and new deals are published by the travel agencies on Tuesday-Wednesday. These are the three most important days to keep your eyes glued on the ticket price chart. If the demand is high, the price also goes high and if the demand is low, the price comes down. Anyway, you would get a clear picture by Wednesday. Moreover, the flight ticket price for weekends would be really high, especially to holiday destinations. Likewise, if you are ready to travel at an odd time, say at 11 PM at night, you may get airline tickets at low rates. The ticket price for flights taking off at 11 PM would be far lower than the ticket price for the flight taking off at 10 am. If you do not have any particular destination in mind, you can opt for last minute deals as well. The airline companies drastically reduce the ticket prices to some destinations, if they fail to sell out all their tickets before the take-off time. You can get these deals, pack your bags and catch the flight.

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